We look at vacations as a whole

The DSR Hotel Holding

DSR Hotel Holding currently operates 34 hotels and resorts under five growth-oriented hotel and resort brands as well as two traditional individual hotels. As a medium-sized company with strong shareholders, DSR Hotel Holding combines many years of

Experience and know-how within the tourism sector with innovation, agile practices and holistic and sustainable entrepreneurial action.

Green Tech Hospitality

DSR Hotel Holding cannot change the whole world, but as an experienced and renowned hospitality group, it aims to develop contemporary offers that preserve and strengthen places and their environment and culture. It has proven that structural change is possible as long as a clear direction is pursued in an economically sound manner.

34 hotels – 4,318 rooms – 31 locations – approx. 2,872 employees – more than 1,000,000 guests per year

Our brands

From the North Sea to the Mediterranean, right on the beach or in the heart of vibrant cities – the DSR Hotel Holding locations are situated in the most beautiful places in Germany, Austria and Italy. Both those seeking relaxation and city travelers will find their temporary retreat here.


Come aboard DSR Hotel Holding GmbH and work where others go on vacation.