GreenSign certification

Sustainability certification

In a world that is increasingly characterised by environmental problems and social inequalities, a holistic, sustainable approach is becoming more and more important. People, companies and organisations are looking for ways to design their activities and products in a way that both protects the environment and assumes social responsibility. Sustainable certification makes it possible to achieve these goals and values, to make them measurable and visible and to demonstrate commitment in the various areas.

For our certification, it was important to us to have a partner at our side who not only fulfils the concept of sustainability in theory, but also lives and pursues it with the necessary dedication and enthusiasm. That is why we as a company have decided to certify our hotels with GreenSign.


GreenSign certification

GreenSign was born out of the visionary idea and ambition to translate the sustainable development of the hotel industry into tangible measurability. Suzanne Heinemann’s creative power first manifested itself in 2001 as a marketing co-operation called “Green Line Hotels”. Today, with over two decades of progressive evolution, GreenSign is one of the leading sustainability certificates for the European hotel industry with a total of 700 certified companies in 19 countries.

Suzann Heinemann, founder and managing director of GreenSign Institut GmbH

“A functioning environment is the basis for our lives and quality of life. In order to maintain this, we want to inform and inspire entrepreneurs to act sustainably, to consciously organise their business processes and to find a balance between ecology, social commitment and economy. Our aim is to get our message out into the world to such an extent that more and more companies will become more sustainable and committed in the future.”

Suzann für Druck

100 CRITERIA. 8 Areas. 3 PILLARS


Management & communication
Social responsibility
Regionality & mobility


Environment (energy, water, waste)
Biodiversity and cultural heritage


Quality management
Economic responsibility

Categorisation of sustainability performance

Our sustainability efforts are assessed using a points system that is divided into five GreenSign levels. To reach the basic level, GreenSign Level 1, at least 15 per cent of the sustainability criteria in the eight key areas must be met. The top category, GreenSign Level 5, requires that we achieve more than 90 per cent in our sustainability performance.

Level 1

Initial approaches to fulfil the sustainability concept have already been implemented at the hotel.
(15–19 %)

Level 2

A well-founded focus on sustainability is recognisable in the hotel. (20–49 %)

Level 3

The sustainability concept is implemented and practised in almost all areas of the hotel.
(50–69 %)

Level 4

The hotel fulfils the requirements for sustainable management to a high degree. (70–89 %)

Level 5

The hotel’s sustainability concept is exemplary and has the best possible focus. (90–100 %)

Our GreenSign certifications
at a glance


GreenSign at A-ROSA

We are delighted about the first GreenSign certifications for the A-ROSA brand. Both the A-ROSA Travemünde and the A-ROSA Sylt have achieved level 4.

GreenSign at aja

At aja, we have already been able to certify all hotels. We are very proud that all our aja hotels from the north to the south have achieved level 4.