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What is your story? Maybe there is a feeling – then hold on to that feeling! Because this feeling is the ink with which you can connect and continue your and our story. A story of new adventures, summit conquests, surfing and work-life balance – in our hotels in Germany and Austria. Each of our hotels has its own unique story. Decide with us how it continues. Just throw your creativity, your dreams and your craziest ideas into a pot and see what can come out of it!

We can hardly wait to continue writing the future with you.

Position Roomservice

Sandra Buchmeier -

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Mitarbeiter Bade- und Saunabereich

Piotr Jaskowsky -

Vom Tellerwäscher zum Chef de Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Personalmanagerin Sylt

Alice Bertram -

Das Wichtigste für ein glückliches Team ist

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Travel Charme Hotels & Resorts Locations

Strandidyll Heringsdorf

  • Opened in 2011
  • 143 rooms incl. 7 suites
  • 2 restaurants, 3 bars
  • Heated indoor and outdoor pool
  • SPA area with 1,000 m²
  • Conference area with 240 m²

Strandhotel Bansin

  • Opened in 2002
  • 100 rooms incl. 13 suites
  • 1 restaurant, 1 bistro / bar
  • Heated indoor pool
  • SPA area with 900 m²
  • Children’s club (90 m²) & outdoor playground

Ostseehotel Kühlungsborn

  • Opened in 2001
  • 110 rooms incl. 7 suites
  • 1 restaurant, 2 bars, 2
  • outdoor terraces
  • Heated indoor and outdoor pool
  • SPA area with 950 m²

Kurhaus Binz

  • First opened in 1890
  • Takeover by Travel Charme Groupe in 1993
  • 137 rooms incl. 18 suites and 11 residences
  • 2 restaurants, 2 bars
  • Heated indoor and outdoor pool
  • SPA area with 1,300 m²
  • Conference area with 680 m²

Nordperd & Villen Göhren

  • Opened in 2002
  • 90 rooms incl. 7 suites
  • 1 restaurant, 1 bar
  • Heated indoor pool (120 m²)
  • SPA area with 1,000 m²

Gothisches Haus Werningerode

  • Opened in 2003
  • 116 rooms incl. 9 suites
  • 1 restaurant, 1 bar
  • Wine cellar for up to 100 people
  • SPA area with 500 m²
  • Conference area with 450 m²

Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal

  • Opened in 2010
  • 124 rooms incl. 9 suites
  • 3 restaurants, 1 bar
  • Heated indoor and outdoor infinity pool
  • SPA area with 2,500 m²
  • Conference area with 350 m²

Fürstenhaus am Achensee

  • Opened in 2005
  • 120 rooms incl. 12 suites
  • 1 restaurant, 1 bar, 2 outdoor terraces
  • Guest garden with 15 seats
  • Heated indoor and outdoor pool
  • SPA area with 3,000 m²
  • Direct access to the lake
  • Conference area with 300 m²

Bergresort Werfenweng

  • Opened in 2012
  • 166 rooms incl. 30 suites & 46 apartments
  • 1 restaurant, 1 bar
  • 1 historic restaurant with bar (Stroblhaus)
    for 140 pax
  • Heated indoor and outdoor pool
  • SPA area with 1,600 m²
  • Conference area with 610 m²

Straubinger Grand Hotel Bad Gastein

  • Opens in 2023
  • 46 rooms incl. 8 suites
  • 1 restaurant, 1 bar
  • Heated indoor and outdoor infinity pool
  • SPA area with 580 m²
  • Conference area with 50 m²

Hotel Badeschloss Bad Gastein

  • Opens in 2023
  • 102 rooms incl. 2 suites
  • 1 restaurant, 2 bars
  • Heated indoor and outdoor infinity pool (Rooftop 14th floor)dsrSPA area with 650 m²

Your place at Travel Charme

It’s your passion and attitude that counts, not your education. Career changers, senior talents or …. are also very welcome!

Innovation and sustainability

Innovation an sustainability

DSR Hotel Holding is already focusing on a sustainable future with innovative hotel concepts.

Not the right one for you?

We look forward to receiving your unsolicited application by e-mail to

Tips and tricks for your application

You can easily apply online using our application form. All we need in the first step is your CV. Of course, we would be delighted if you could provide us with additional documents such as relevant references. However, we do not need a cover letter. And if we are missing any of your documents, we will ask for them. In principle, you can upload files of up to 20 MB.

We are currently testing a different application process at the aja Resorts. In the first step, you can simply answer our questions and do not necessarily have to send a CV if you do not have it to hand.

Thank you for your interest in a job with us. Our application process is very simple:

Find your suitable position and location.
Prepare your application folder: All we need from you in the first step is your CV. If necessary, we will ask for further documents.
Send us your application documents either online via our application form or by e-mail to the relevant person responsible.
You will receive confirmation of receipt by e-mail within 24 hours (on working days).
We will forward your application to the person responsible.
You will receive a reply from us within a few days.
If we invite you to an interview, this will take place as a telephone interview, video call or on-site interview, depending on your needs/desires.
Depending on the position, a second interview may also take place.
And if both sides want to work together, we look forward to welcoming you to the team.
The duration of our application process from application to hiring can vary. This depends on various factors. However, it usually takes no longer than two months. We will try to keep you up to date throughout the process and if you need an interim status, please contact us.

Interviews take place either by telephone, video call or on site.

In the case of a telephone interview, the person responsible will call you at the agreed time on the telephone number you provide. Make sure that you can be reached by phone at the agreed time.

Our video calls take place via Microsoft Teams. You will receive the link for the video call with the appointment confirmation. It is not necessary to install Microsoft Teams. To take part in the call, all you have to do is click on the link. You can start the call either via a computer or your smartphone, although we recommend using a computer in combination with headphones. It is best to test your equipment before the call to make sure that everything is working properly.

For an on-site call, we will of course send you the address again in advance. Then simply report to reception and the person responsible for the interview will come and collect you.

Initial interviews are always held with a person from the specialist department and a person from the HR department.

In some departments, we also offer the opportunity to take part in an induction day. Here you can get a taste of the specialist department for a few hours without obligation and without complications in order to see if you like it.

  • Find out which tasks you enjoy the most.
  • Find out more about us and choose the right position for you.
  • Tell us about your initial practical experience in your CV.
  • Make sure that all the information on your CV is correct (e.g. telephone number, e-mail address, etc.).
  • Be honest and authentic.

Your career contacts

Do you have individual questions that you can’t find an answer for? Our contact partners are happy to help you.

Britta Hormann

HR & Assistant manager
Strandidyll Heringsdorf

Tel.: +49 383 7847 6521

Ines Theis

HR Manager
Strandhotel Bansin

Tel.: +49 383 7880 0103

Christine Bentz

Manager HR & Marketing
Ostseehotel Kühlungsborn

Tel.: +49 382 934 150

Virgine Bentz

Personnel management & Recruiting
Kurhaus Binz

Tel.: +49 383 9366 5511

Sven Colditz

Manager & host
Nordperd & Villen Göhren

Tel.: +49 383 087 120

Katharina Schumann

Assistant manager
Gothisches Haus Werningerode

Tel.: +49 394 367 5507

Jessica Hecker

Assistant manager
Ifen Hotel Kleinwalsertal

Tel.: +43 5517 608 520

Petrissa Röck

Management assistant
Fürstenhaus am Achsensee

Tel.: +43 5243 544 2515

Hannelore Huttegger-Moser

HR/hotel administration
Bergresort Werfenweng

Tel.: +43 6466 391 512

Gabriele Frohnwieser

Cluster HR Manager
Straubinger Grand Hotel Bad Gastein

Tel.: +43 6642 660 064

Gabriele Frohnwieser

Cluster HR Manager
Hotel Badeschloss Bad Gastein

Tel.: +43 6642 660 064